Interesting Facts On The Internet

One can’t imagine a life without the internet in the current world mainly due to its one point source of informative materials, social media sites and also day to day instant communication as well as ticketing, shopping, Banking, entertainment and many more.

Now let us see some of the Amazing and interesting facts about internet:

  1. Sources confirm a usage of 4.39 billion internet users in the year 2019.This unimaginably comprises of more than 56 percent of the world’s population wherein China, India and the US rank ahead of all other countries. !!
  2. Internet has become an addiction and one day without it turns the world upside down for users and business. Such is the extent of addiction, that in china treatment camps are conducted for age groups 15 to 35 for the internet addicts who have lost the self control and may be suffering from something called the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Isn’t that pathetic.!!
  3. Cybercriminals make use of high computer software programs to hack websites and its believed that more than 30,000 websites are hacked on a daily basis.
  4. Its believed that over 294 billion emails are sent per day and the same is rising daily.
  5. Today the speed offered for the internet is at an average speed of 67.46 Mbps and is provided by Jersey which is Europe’s fastest jurisdiction.
  6. When an internet route becomes too full it results in a network congestion and surprisingly the maximum congestion is caused by web robots or bots where as humans create only 48.2 percent of the traffic.
  7. Surfing or browsing are the terminologies commonly used to go through the net or find some data or information from the net.
  8. There is a common misconception that internet and World Wide Web are the same but it is not so. Internet is a network of computers where as WWW is bridge to access and share info.
  9. It may be surprising to know that Amazon is one of the top leading revenue earning web sites followed by Google. Sounds funny but dating sites are also one of the huge revenue earning sites on the internet.!!
  10. Do you know that there are terminologies like surface web, Deep web and dark web in the internet? The questions we try to get an answer to are just like a drop in the ocean and are referred to as surface web. We will need something called the Tor ie The onion router to access the deep web. Academic info, Medical records, legal documents, scientific documents government resources and many more form the part of the deep web. And lastly is the dark web which comprises of illegal info, drug trafficking sites, private communications, TOR encrypted sites and political protests. Interesting isn’t is?

admin login is a wireless router IP address for some network routers.

It may be noted and is surprising enough to know that where on one side we have china setting treatment camps for internet addicts, on the other hand we have 9 million adult Britain’s and one third of the Italians  who have never used internet.!!

How To Buy The Best Phone Cover Online

Although many people spend a lot of money on their smart phone, they end up thinking a lot when it comes to investing in a suitable mobile phone cover. Smart phones today come with a number of advancements and features to make life easy for humans. Hence it pays to invest in a good or durable phone cover by checking out the innumerable options available online.

The choice is endless as far as designs and brands of phone covers and cases goes and so it pays to spend some time before picking the right one for your use. For instance you can buy Cases for Google Pixel 3A at Blackbora or other similar reputable sites online. You can keep in mind the following parameters before buying the best phone cases online.

Do ample research

Just like everything else, you have to research before buying the best phone case cover for your phone. Taking up research can help you understand more about the options available in the market. You can research and gather a lot of details about a specific brand based on the product as well as customer reviews enlisted online.

Keep in mind your budget

To buy the best phone cover online, you can first and foremost narrow down your choice to a specific item and then compare its price on other sites as well that offer this item. Many cell phone case manufacturers offer discounts and deals during festival times or other occasions that you can make use of in order to benefit from the most lucrative deal.

Check out the slim versions

This is the age of slim smart phones and you can check out the slim smart phone covers and cases available online to get the best offer. No one prefers to carry heavier cell phones these days. So, in order to offer extra protection to your slim smart phone, you can check out the covers that offer features such as impact resistance including safety from scratches, dust etc.

Customization is an option to consider

In case you are not happy with the phone cover designs available online, you can consider customization as one of the options. You can create your own design by using the “make your own phone case” service provided by many brands these days.

With these handy tips in mind, get ready to select the best phone case online today!

Best Camera Accessories Of 2019

Being a photographer is not an easy job. Miracles and interesting moments do not knock the door but bash in. Hence, it is always necessary for a photographer to be on his toes all the time to capture such moments. Here are a few camera accessories that you would need in your bag forever.


C-stand is typically a light stand, which can be used to float a rim or overhead light. Usually, C-stands are big, bulky and significantly expensive. Nevertheless, it could easily handle even light with two big batteries, which are considerably heavy, at the end of its arm.

Field Monitor

Generally, having an external monitor can really be helpful for anyone, but especially for photographers who do not have flip screens in their camera. Field monitors are budget-friendly, yet packs in many features. In terms of hardware, it is shipped with mounting options, cables, and a case. In terms of software, it aids with focus peaking, histogram, false colors and the ability to flip both horizontally and vertically. The flipping option is useful to take self-portraits. Having a bigger and brighter screen would be convenient when shooting outdoors in daylight.

Photography Gloves

Shooting during the winter season is hectic. With the normal gloves on, it would be difficult to adjust the camera settings, and without the gloves would make you shiver. Both do not ensure a good photo. Hence, it is recommended to wear photography gloves. It is similar to the normal gloves, but the index and thumb finger can be folded back and held by magnets. Thus, you can access your camera with your fingers. Genius!

Photography gloves are available for different temperature and conditions.

Mini Tripod

Tripods make a huge difference to the photos. They provide a stable position for the cameras to produce blur less and sharp images without contortions. Tripods are usually large and bulky to carry around. However, a mini tripod solves this problem. It is small, sleek and compact to pack it inside the bag pack. Further, it is versatile and strong to carry heavy loads.

These gears would improve the quality of your photos significantly. However, as many top photographers say, no shot is perfect. Hence, any picture would need a considerable amount of post-processing to make them look better. Click on the link to know about the best photo editing software that you would find helpful at

Videographer By Profession: My Life

Videos are definitely a memory. In my school days we had a lot of memories but as there were no facilities to capture those, and so I could only do is to recollect those memories by imagining them. But when I started studying in college, the concept of Videography came into the picture. A person who works in the field of videography is called a Videographer. There was good growth in technology at that point of time and so the mobile phone, the DSLR camera, and the video cameras were the new products which were sold in the market.

With the help of these digital devices, one could capture and view these images. So I started capturing the key moments and it became a good memory. The Facebook, Instagram and other social media started to come into the picture and for the sake of getting more likes, my friends would take different kinds of pictures with different poses and would post it on the social media platforms. This started becoming a trend, and I would wonder why one should do all these sorts of things just for the sake of like. But later on, I came to understand that the pictures which we put on the social media platform, is also a memory. When viewed later on like after one year or so one would be amazed to see those photographs. As the days pass by, one’s face starts to show some sort of changes with respect to look, style, etc. So it would be great if one could be able to capture those moments and view it at some point in time. The photos and the videos are a great means of doing all these kinds of things. I remember the times when my friend Aravind brought a digital camera that he had purchased to school and everyone in the school were amazed to see their own face in it after taking a photo. My friend Aravind was very keen on all these videography and so he was the one who would edit photos and beautify the quality of the images for everyone. As the days passed his interest in photography improved a lot and he started to capture a lot of images, videos and choose videography as his profession. Nowadays he is taking a lot of candid photos and uploading it on the website and earning money through it. The term candid is the process of taking natural, and unposed photographs. There are many people who have an interest in taking photos and videos and do this also as a hobby 

Strategic Steps By Youtube To Successfully Expand Its Consumer Base

We are all familiar with YouTube since our childhood days growing up. Back then, YouTube had limited content specifically designed and catering to a certain audience and not probably in the scope of young children or young adults too, in fact. It used to be more academic and monotonous and the number of websites on the internet were limited to a certain point. Now, millions of websites and blogs are being generated on the Internet and there is a fierce level of competition among several online portals for visits from potential consumers of brand products and acquisitioning those consumers and catering to their individual needs. Several techniques of digitization have been applied such as digital marketing on social media platforms like Facebook, Quora, Instagram among others. The term SEO (short for Search Engine Optimization) has come into play and taken a central role in making your website containing your branded products or your blog posts containing your works and achievements come on top on the Google Search results page. The top diagonal rule already states that 85% of the digital consumers check the search results in the top diagonal of the search results page and usually find what they are looking for and do not browse through the rest, which are the billions of junk, unused data that get generated every day.

With the advent of Internet and its rapid commercialization as well as digitalization of various Commercial platforms via e-Commerce, online Banking and online Channels and Live TV offered by several channels which can be either free or at a minimal monthly cost, we can successfully conclude that a digital world is the future indeed.

Today, many of the members of the next generation are opting for digital platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime TV or Hotstar subscriptions to get their dose of entertainment at a certain cost owing to the hustle and bustle of their busy life. People are travelling on buses, local and metro trains and other platforms and watching short series or movies acts as a good pastime for them.

YouTube is not lagging far behind others. It is not simply a subsidiary introduced by Google, today it is a parent company to YouTube TV streaming more than 500 adult-themed and kid-based shows. The latest addition to the list of products is the newly introduced YouTube Premium with brand new shows by independent filmmakers and producers. Online streaming of shows has also provided secure job to many actors and actresses who usually work in small-budget movies and parallel films.

Why A User Interface Is Designed From The End-User’s Standpoint

When you walk into a bank or any other place where customer service is supposedly at the top of their list, you will find notices that say: the customer is king! In the case of app and software designers or coders, as they are commonly called – the end-user is king. In short, it is the perspective or viewpoint of the user that ultimately defines how a user interface is designed – read more here. You could check out any company that is in the business of developing various software applications for different kinds of users. Understanding the nature and habits of users is the key to developing the right kind of interfaces.

Does Psychology Play A Role Here?

That is a very easy question to answer – you could just say, yes and move on; but the point is how does this happen? Let us take an example to understand this better. Let us imagine that you are trying to help an app developer understand your requirements for making an app for the purchase of lingerie.  You would have to be very clear about a couple of elements, such as age, physical attributes, styles etc. Where would psychology come in? It would be very important for the designer to understand how users’ minds work when presented with specific kinds of lingerie. Are they going to be tempted to buy or would they just flick to the next page, where they find products that are more to their liking? The mind works in curious ways; it is vital that an app designer understands the mindset of the ultimate user, really well.

Market Trends Influence Choices

The market consists of users and users make the trends – it is a kind of cycle that keeps going on and on. It really does not end. So, when you say that a user’s choice would depend on the trend; it is another way of saying that when many users choose a particular product or service, they create a trend. The designing of a good interface will certainly take this into consideration. Market trends and user choices would clearly define how the interface should really work.

It is not obvious that the user’s standpoint or perspective is of paramount importance while designing any kind of interface – this could be on mobile phones or personal computers or any other kind of device. It is a field of software application that has wide-ranging potential for growth.

How To Plan The Perfect Wedding

When you think about planning a wedding, you realize that there is an abundance of information online which enables you to find out the best way for you to plan your wedding. Of course, there is no absolute substitute that you can get for an expert wedding planner, but those people costs a lot of money – Gatlinburg wedding packages for two. The amount of money that you can actually save by not hiring a wedding planner can be better spent on your wedding by getting more things, or you can simply end up saving that money for the future.

Getting the mattress planning done all by yourself is a tiresome task and therefore getting all your family members to come together and help you out is a better option. There are countless books as well as enough websites that can give you an idea about how you can go about wedding planning. There is a possibility for you to make use of the best service for the minimum cost. So, going for such kind of discounts and bargains would not be able to cheapen your wedding, rather it will help you to realize that appropriate savings will be extremely good for your married life.

There is a lot of importance being accorded to the wedding, and that in itself seems to be the general consensus amongst people when it comes to planning for the wedding. This is the reason why when planning, it is very important for you to get someone in neutral in order to gauge their reaction to all your wedding planning. By doing that, you would be able to get a neutral view point about the kind of things that you have planned for your wedding and whether it look as good or it is simply not going to cut it.

Apparently, there are a lot of people that would like to hire a wedding planner but at the end of the day, the budget is not sufficient enough. Most of the wedding planner is also preferred to take a percentage of the total amount that is to be spent on the wedding. Therefore, they are not only likely to overextend the budget, but in most cases, they would end up making money on each and every product that they bring to the wedding. So, it is not only going to create a big problem for the budget, but also bring about the demise of a wedding that is on a shoestring budget.

Why You Should Start Your Weight Loss Program

Popular perception dictates that society looks up to people that have a perfect figure, which is devoid of any kind of fat in the body. Of course, these are sometimes unattainable by people that are not able to exercise properly or able to keep their body weight in control through proper diet. A lot of people also have stressful jobs which include stressful eating as well. There are also a lot of people that do not have a fixed schedule when it comes to eating their food. All of these reasons also contribute towards the growing number of people suffering from obesity, and there is absolutely nothing that can be done if the person is not conscious enough in order to lose the weight that they have gained.

However, losing weight is extremely hard as against gaining weight. For people that have a history of obesity running through their family, gaining weight does not become a big problem. However, proper maintenance is also going to end up taking a lot of time, and most of the people do not have the patience necessary in order to lose weight through a gradual method. This is the reason why they need to look at medications like the Phen24 (Phen24 ingredients), and it goes without saying that a lot of people actually subscribe to the idea of getting such weight loss medications. Looking at the different types of people that are into using such kind of medication, the one thing that you would realize is that this industry is an ever-growing feature. There are enough people that would actually say that the procurement and the use of such a product may not be always for the betterment of the public, but at the end of the day, it is the public on the mission that is resulting in selling such kind of products.

Quick analyses on the number of people that suffer from self-confidence problems normally pinpoint the foundation to the excessive amount of weight in the body. So, it is always a good idea for people to look into getting rid of the excessive amount of weight, and doing it as soon as possible. However, the process that you take can be very lengthy, or it could be pretty easily done with the help of medication. Yet, be prepared to understand that medications also come with side effects, just so that you do not end up facing any kind of problems.

Does Working Out Really Affect The Level Of Acne You Have?

By now, we know a little bit about the ways in which acne is caused. There has been a lot of talk about the balance of our hormones, the levels of sebum that is produced and so on. But there is one area in which not a lot has been talked about. It is going to sound a little surprising at first but there is a reason why working out has been linked with the issue of acne, to begin with. Now to be clear, the act of working out does not cause acne at all. But, the more we do any kind of exercising, we are putting ourselves in a position where we can get acne. This is particularly true if you are sweating a lot. When this working out goes hand in hand with the way we treat our skin, it gives the acne a good platform from which it can cause problems. We would like to look at what can be done to prevent this situation from happening. Finally, if you are not able to get rid of the acne regardless of what you do, then your best bet would be to have a look at the drug known as accutane alternative.


If you are working out in the open, you are being exposed to elements such as sunlight. And it goes without saying that you will be sweating a lot. The first thing that you will have to do is make use of sunscreen to prevent the harmful UV rays of the sun from affecting you. When you do sweat a lot, make it a point to have a shower as soon as possible. When the sweat on your body is allowed to settle, it is sure to end up causing some problems. Always keep a towel at the ready and wipe away any sweat that is trying to settle on your face. If you are working out and already have acne, be very gentle when dealing with your face. If you keep touching your face, it is not going to help the acne heal in any way.


Your skin is also affected by the kind of clothes that you wear. When you work out, there is a real temptation to wear something that is tight and shows off your body. While this is pleasing in an aesthetic sense, not letting the body breathe is something that you should be worried about. The type of fabric that you choose will also have an effect. When you use certain materials such as polyester or even nylon, your skin may react to it in a bad way. So, be aware of how your skin behaves with different materials and then choose what works best for you. Protein supplements have also known to have an effect on the amount of acne that you have. And if you are using any other kind of performance enhancers, you will have to be extra careful.