5 Signs To Look Out For Before Having Your Shower Repaired

A leaking shower is considered to be one of the largest problems when it comes to plumbing. A leaking shower could create several more problems around the house, but it can always be solved. If you come across any of these five signs, call up a plumber and ask him to check your showers for leakage.

Bubbling of Paints and Wallpapers

The easiest way to find the leak is to look at the walls of your house. If there is a water leakage, the water gets caught behind the wall. This results in creating bubbles on the wall paint. It looks moist. The bubbles on the wall keep popping up as the water flows across the wall. The paint eventually falls off from the wall. Similarly, the wallpapers lose their stickiness when it comes in contact with water. If you find your wallpaper sticking out, that’s your clue!

Damaged Walls

Another sign is the damage to the walls. As the shower starts leaking, it makes the wall moist. The wall loses its dryness. Before you know it, the water starts to affect the wall by creating a bubbling effect on it. It is required to mend the shower immediately as the damage could spread to the entire building.

Damaged Flooring

Floors are mostly designed to withstand water – shower repairs Perth. However, if a floor seems damaged due to water, then there is just one cause. The water is leaking beneath the floor. The water affects the tile or the flooring and gives it a moist appearance. This is because the shower pipe is broken and the water is spilling beneath the floor.

Damaged Ceiling

Is there a stain on your ceiling? If yes, there could be two possible questions. Did someone do it on purpose, or is there an internal problem? Chances are that it is an internal problem. The stain could be because of a leak in the shower. It is usually the only cause in a multiple-floored building. The water leakage makes the floor above you soft. That means you are on a clock before you act and save the day because the wet floor could soon fall.

Strong Odor

A strong odor around your bathroom is another clue that points to the fact there is a leak in the shower. The leaking water emits a pungent smell when it settles down. This is because the water cannot evaporate. Hence, it is advisable to repair the shower as soon as possible and get rid of the odor.

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