7 DYIs For SEO

SEO can be done individually on a smaller scale. There are agencies and companies out there who help you for larger Search Engine Optimization purposes e.g. The Boston SEO companies. Outsourcing the work to an agency is done by major corporates. Individuals rely on their skills, strategy making and small tips and tricks like these.

Analyze your opposition

Let’s be frank. You are getting nowhere if you blindly put yourself into the market (figuratively). Competition research is as important online as it is in real life. Premier football managers don’t go into matches without studying the rival team. You are going to fight for similar search rankings so it is important that you look into their keywords, structures, social media activity, customer feedback etc.

Site Structure and Planning

I committed an entire month for this. You have to plan keywords that the customers/visitors would want in such a way that it looks pleasing as well as effective. Take a huge piece on paper and classify the webpages that will be used in your site according to priority. You can even use long keywords which are niche so that you have fewer competition.

Website Creation

This is probably the toughest part when it comes to SEO. Given that more than half of the Google searches are through mobiles, you HAVE to make your website mobile-friendly too. Also Google ranks searches based on their responsiveness on both desktops and mobiles.

Churning out Content

Weekly or Monthly. Daily sounds too needy and it is pretty hard for your visitors to keep track of.  It is more desirable if the content type keeps updating every now and then. You don’t have to keep posting 1500 word essays every week. Mix it up with pictures or videos of the theme.

Social Media Madness

Even the SEO agencies might not do this for you. The truth is that social media is out there and you have to make use of it. Go ahead and make a page on Facebook, a Twitter account, a business account on Instagram etc. It will help you drive traffic more into the website and maybe, some followers might link your site in their own blogs!

Link Authority

If your content is enticing and compelling, chances are that other websites can link your article as a medium between the audience and their content i.e. the opening paragraph. This is a major part of SEO.

Google Analytics

Analyzing your website repeatedly and keep a track of your website’s performance. Keep updating the SEO keywords in your new content based on your analysis.

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