Are Maid Services Different From Housekeeping?

There are enormous things to do around a house to make it a comfortable and happy home. Likewise there are so many things to do around your workplace to make it pleasant to work in and productive. To this end, everyone needs to devote time, energy and money. People nowadays earn or save money to do the above but find themselves lacking for energy and time.

However having a busy and a productive life has its perks and one of them is being able to delegate tasks. The best example of this is hiring Maid Services to have a clean, well maintained and a presentable house or office.

For ages domestic staff has been the back-bone of homes. The rich of past centuries have depended on their maids, housekeepers, stewards, butlers, drivers, footmen so on for cooking, serving, dressing, cleaning, scrubbing, mopping, fixing, polishing, running errands, stock-keeping, laundry, ironing, washing, gardening, shopping, delivering, mail, taking care of children, elderly, pets so on. Of these, the cleaning related tasks at offices and public places were also taken care of by hired staff. Post events like various wars, epidemics, migration, industrialization, digitization so on, these services and the people who take care of them have also undergone tremendous changes. Not only are Maid Services full scale business operations but also they are much sought after. So how are they different from housekeeping services?

The term ‘housekeeping’ is loosely used to describe all tasks pertaining to keeping a house clean and organized. However these services are obviously extended to a workplace. Housekeeping tasks like cleaning, scrubbing moping, wiping down, polishing, hosing down, de-cluttering, raking leaves and garden waste, removing soiled articles, dusting, emptying trash, refilling dispensers and shelves, vacuuming, stain removal so on are performed by trained staff(both male and female) in a house or a public place or an office.

However, Maid Services are much beyond housekeeping – cleaning services Toronto. There is more to Maid Services than hiring people to clean up. These services do include all that is involved in housekeeping but in a more specialized way also taking note of additional requirements of the clients. Tasks like cooking, serving, cleaning kitchens and kitchen equipment, grocery shopping, running minor errands, sorting mail, stocking food and beverages, basic bill and account-keeping, sorting laundry, ironing, taking stuff to dry-cleaners etc. are the ones for which maids are hired. Additional tasks that require special training are elderly care and companionship, caring for the ill, child care, pet care, house-sitting, tending to plants at homes. For workplaces Maid Services are hired to deal with basic cleanliness as also to serve re-arrangement or server needs at special functions as also to clean specific equipment. Hotels, hospitals, laboratories, courtrooms, gardens and other places of public importance require services of specific nature. Not only are Maid Services personnel trained for specific tasks but they are also groomed to have specific etiquette and understand languages to work well with clients.

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