Blinds – Its Different Types And Usage

Blinds are a great way to reduce the temperature by blocking the sun’s rays and give maximum privacy. You can either choose from Vertical Blinds or Horizontal Ones. If you are looking for a cost effective yet appealing window/door accessory, then blinds are your best bet.

Vertical Blinds contain a broader slat, and these blinds have individual slat located side by side. They run along a track created at the top of the blind. Vertical Blinds are said to block out the sun’s heat up to 60%, maintaining the room temperature. Vertical blinds open from either one of the direction, from right to left or vice versa. Also, it may have a partition in the middle. But nowadays, other than installing it in the most common place like a patio or large window, these are gaining popularity in a small window as well.

Venetian Blinds are the horizontal blinds, in which the slats are in a horizontal position. A string or piece of fabric holds these slats intact, known as tapes. Venetian Blinds can raise bottom up. In most scenarios, Venetian Blinds use metal and plastic material. Other Metals like copper or bronze, a mixture of copper and some tin, gives an antique finish for any interior. However, due to the natural oxidation behaviour of these metals, they are quite less popular when compared to the other material.

Smaller versions of Venetian Blinds are Mini and Micro blinds, which has a slat thickness to be one inch and half an inch respectively. These smaller blinds versions are apt for small windows like restrooms or small kitchen areas.

Roller Blinds come in two variations, one is blackout roller blinds and the other is sunscreen roller blinds. The former helps to eliminate the day light to a maximum level from penetrating into the room and, the later protect the place from harmful UV rays just like the sunscreen lotions does to the skin. These Roller Blinds are useful for those who have skin allergies due to heavy exposure of sun and for those who need to rest in daytime after a night work shift.

Panel Blinds are the second choice of blinds after Vertical Blinds, for using in a patio or large window settings. It contains wide individual slat with a track fixed at the top. Most of the Panel blinds uses synthetic fabric material for easy to maintain and elegant look.

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