Call Of Duty – Best Of Action Games

Call of Duty or COD is a warfare-based game with all the shooting and bloodshed. Yes, people can argue that there are better warfare games such as Battlefield and Counter-Strike. In spite of all that, I prefer COD, because it offers a lot of fun.

The two games of the franchise, Call of Duty – Modern Warfare and Black Ops 2 are an enthralling experience. I downloaded these games from a free games site and started playing it to keep myself occupied in the second year of my college. The more I played, the more the game crept into me. It felt like I was experiencing myself in the middle of a battleground. The story mode was captivating, which literally made me live with characters like Captain Price, Sandman, MacTavish from Modern Warfare and Alex Mason, Frank Woods from Black Ops. The thrill made me play more and more.

It all started one weekend when my weary flatmates wanted to make the evening interesting. I proposed the idea of playing a multiplayer COD game. They were hesitant in the beginning but as they had nothing else to do, eventually everyone sat behind a laptop screen. As we were a group of eight, we evenly split ourselves into two teams. Thus the so-called teams of “always SAS” and “always Spetnaz” were born. Each team had its own headquarters located in bedroom-1 and bedroom-2 respectively, with the living room being a neutral ground, which had the modem that connected all the laptops for the war. In no time, COD became a part of us. We started playing the game frequently, even at times bunking the classes. That is how crazy we were for that game for 2 years. Friends from other flats poured in and we started tournaments.

COD gained popularity among us because, that game was filled with shouts, yells, and taunts. We had a place to slaughter the person who ate our lunches, it made us feel good. Usually, we people were all isolated and immersed in our own duties. Nevertheless, COD gave us a platform to come together and share things. The only problem was that people around our flat getting irritated due to our battle roars and complaining to the house owner. However, COD helped us there too, we learned to endure the battle scars. That is how COD became a part of my college life. Thus, I prefer Call of Duty than any other first-person action game.

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