DOT Drug Testing, Is The Best Remedy For Eradicating Drug Consumption

Through two well explained scenarios, described below, we can find out easily, how valuable the DOT Drug testing procedure is for any transportation company.

One of the employees of a major transportation company, who has been working as a driver for the transportation requirements of the company, is a normal alcohol consumer. His name is David, and in his family are two kids. One day, while he is working and is travelling to another location in the state and transporting goods to a logistics, he has decided to stop in between and consume alcohol for refreshing DOT drug testing. He always has a photo of his family on the deck of his transportation truck. Before starting his work of transportation, he always remembers his family by viewing at the photo of his family.

However, the night when he has consumed alcohol and started the work again, by moving to his truck and started transportation, due to his negligence, he met with an accident and has died immediately, on the road DOT drug testing. His family’s only hope has vanished then and there and has left them hopeless, and there is no more happiness in the family and they are left with no hope and no more income earning. Now, the wife has to work and earn money and feed the two kids.

While in the above scenario, the drug consumption has ended the happiness of a family, the next scenario will let you know of how important the role of DOT drug testing procedure in any transportation company is towards DOT drug testing.

Imran, an employee in a transportation company in UAE, is a very strict and loyal employee for his company. He has two kids and has one wife. While his loyalty towards his company has made him a faithful yet, strict employee, following all the rules and regulations as stipulated by the company, Imran, on one day has left the company on a transportation of good purpose.

While one his colleague has drinking alcohol habit, he does not drink. Imran knows all the disadvantages of being an alcohol and how the habit turns a person into an inhuman person. He explained all the disadvantages of the drinking alcohol habit to his colleague, and recommended him to go through the DOT Drug testing procedure.

His colleague has followed Imran’s advices and promised to never consume alcohol again. This has offered to his colleague an amazing advantage of being happy and truthful to everyone around him.

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