Ergonomically Designed Homes

Before jumping into the topic let us first understand what is ergonomics. Merriam-Webster defines ergonomics as “An applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely”. To put it in simple words, ergonomics is the science of designing the products and space for optimal usage without causing any unnecessary injury, fatigue, or stress to the user.

This is the most trending word in the present time. Everybody is trying to make workplace ergonomically compliant, but the same is essential for home also. Home is the place where a person returns to after a long day at work and therefore it is very important that it is a place where you can relax and also that does not cause any unwanted fatigue and stress to your mind and body. Let us see how we can make the two liveliest portion of the house ergonomically compliant.

Ergonomics in the Living Room

Living room is the space where the family spends the most time together. Hence it should be clutter free and so arranged that there is free movement. Also the furniture chosen should be comfortable.

In most homes the television is placed in the drawing room. Make sure that its height is in-line with sight so that it can be viewed comfortably without causing undue stress on the neck.

As this is the room where there is maximum activity so ensure that it is properly lit. Portable light like beautiful lamps or desk light ( can be used to light up areas that are under lit.

Now comes the most important thing that you need to take note of, the furniture. While choosing the sofa you should pick one that is comfortable and also provides good support to the back and shoulder; this will make you feel relaxed. The best sitting option that you can go for are bean bag chair; they are very comfortable, affordable and funky. This also ensures the safety of small kids. Next ensure that you choose a side or center table that compliments the height of the sofa and is placed at a position which makes it easy to reach out.

Ergonomics in the Kitchen

The ergonomic triangle in kitchen is the most researched topic recently. This triangle consists of the three sites where the most activity takes place, stove or oven, refrigerator, and sink or prep area. The kitchen is designed to keep the distance at a minimum but congestion free for efficient flow of work. The kitchen cabinets are kept at a comfortable height co as not to cause stress to your muscles.

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