How Important Is It to Choose the Right Quality of Paper for Printing a Brochure

A brochure helps the customer know everything that they need to know about the business. Poor printing will definitely ruin the entire look of the brochure even after having the best content and design. Therefore, there are 3 certain traits that you should always consider while choosing your paper.

Paper density or the weight of the paper is measured in grams per sq inch. For instance, a paper used in newspaper may weigh around 30-50gms, while the one used in business card may weigh from 350gms onwards. For an ideal company brochure you may probably need 130-150gms, and of the brochure consists of more number of papers than you may need even lighter. This is one of prime thing to be considered when you order brochures from an online printing service.

Finishing of the paper can come in different kinds, and it depends on your personal taste. If you go for silk-coated ones, it will make the paper look clear and distinct with its unique shine. In addition, many people consider giving it a gloss finish to make the surface appear shiny and smoother. In both cases, whether it is silk-coated or glossy, the brochure appears polished and shinier.

If you go for an uncoated paper, it will have a softer finish and it is used for a daily print. Lamination is another option available when it comes to appearance, and this comes in both gloss and matte. However, gloss will have a better impression for obvious reasons as it looks more vibrant. Luxury papers are also considered for brochures, but this will be costlier and not everyone will go for this option. Most high-end businesses go for this kind of linen and metallic effect as they can afford it and because it looks rich. These are brochures, which stand out for its extremely professional looks.

If you are still confused on which one to choose, it is highly recommended that you ask your online printing services. Also, be specific about your requirement and negotiate in case of a large requirement. It is mandatory to not compromise on the texture and weight of the paper as “feel” is first thing customers experience when they hold your brochure. Hence, make sure your online printing service provider also gives priority to this aspect and verify before they start anything else – Imprenta Online.

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