Investing In A Heat Press Machine? Here Are Its 4 Types You Should Be Acquainted With

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Types Of Heat Press Machines

  1. The Clamshell Heat Press: This is the simplest of machines consisting of an upper and lower platen, both held together in a way that it opens and closes like a clamshell would. Once the material and the design is placed, the upper platen is pressed down on it for the required time. This model occupies the least amount of table space and is highly recommended if you are just starting out with heat press machines. The disadvantage of this model is that even when it is fully open, you will be working under the heat of the upper plate when laying out the design on the material (learn more here).
  2. The Swinger/Swing Away Heat Press: In this type, you have proper access to even the side further away from you without the fear of getting burnt. Moreover, this model is also a better option if you need to print on thick materials, such as mouse-pads. On the downside, this model needs space twice the size of its base, to allow for the swinging of the upper platen.
  3. Draw Heat Press: The heat draw press is designed much like a table’s drawer. Instead of a movable upper platen, the lower platen can be pulled towards you to access its surface. Hence, it gives a better view of the layout than both of the above models. This design does not require any excess space on your table, but care needs to be taken to ensure that the design does not move when sliding the plate back in for the design transfer.
  4. Sublimation Heat Press: The sublimation heat press is a unique model, not because of its design, but for its technology. It makes use of the process called sublimation to vaporize the ink directly from its solid state to a gaseous state. This way, the ink does not bleed on the material, especially cloth, and the transferred image also has excellent details and brilliant color reproduction. Sublimation heat presses come in large sizes and are apt for artwork on sizable materials such as sweatshirts and chainsaw chaps.

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