Is Any Pool Ideal For Learning Swimming?

As kids, we didn’t have much to complain about. We’d get everything we wanted, and in return, do things our parents wanted us to do, obediently, as well. So, when we went to our first ever swimming classes, we didn’t notice much about how deep it was, or how big it was. All we cared about, was how the instructor taught us how to swim. Whether or not he or she was friendly enough, and encouraging.

But in the chance that we were taken to classes a little later in our lives, say in our teenage years, we tended to notice a lot more than just our instructor. W’d notice how clear the water was, and how it smelt to even how much it tanned us (provided we were in the sunlight). But a lot of us don’t pay attention to the pool itself (If you did, good for you).

Some pools are just not suitable for taking our baby laps. When we begin, it is necessary that we know that we are safe, and have the option of getting an out if we feel less confident. Although it is a little detrimental to the learning process itself, it is better if we take our first lessons in a pool (or in that part of the pool where our head is above water when we stand on the pool floor. Once we’ve had our first few lessons and know how the water goes and what we need to do to stay afloat, it is imperative that we move to deeper pools or deeper parts of the pool so that our first instinct when we’re in water is not to wade through, but swim. Thus, the depth of the pool plays a major part in determining how good a pool is.

A good student can learn anywhere, but that does not mean that swimming can be taught in a puddle. A good pool needs to be suitable to the demographic being taught. If the demographic range is wide, the pool depth can vary accordingly. Either separate pools need to be present in the same complex for learners to advance, or depth of the pool should increase gradually.

Also, the size of the pool matters as well. Too many people and too little space can make for a shoddy learning experience. However, too big a pool might underwhelm the learners.

A sweet spot needs to be figured out, like how it is in Swimjourney Singapore, to make for a good learning experience.

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