Is It Still The Regime Of ?Fair And Lovely??

None of us have escaped the advertisements of “Fair and Lovely” and other facial products that have imprinted our minds long enough with the (wrong) impression that beauty is defined by the colour of one’s skin. And that colouration is something that one should be ashamed of. It is a concept that we believe and hope that has been long broken, yet, the amount of women and men who undergo discrimination and judgements for being the way they are, is staggeringly (and beyond shamefully) high. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the number of people who resort to facial cosmetics is also as high.

Although a movement of sorts has been initiated where people are encouraged to be themselves and not change themselves or fit into someone else’s shoes, it has only partially succeeded, as only a number of the population has been convinced to take that stand on life, while others still curse themselves and resent themselves for being born the way they are.

To satiate the needs of those who feel that they need to look better in order to be respected, is the very reason the branch of plastic surgery and related treatment are gaining that much traction. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved Mark Sloan and Jackson Avery of Grey’s Anatomy and the work done by the Plastics Posse in the show, but the truth remains that the ratio between the number of times a meaningful surgery is done vs the number of times a person gets surgery done just to gain the approval of their (so called and temporary) loved one is awfully low.

As previously mentioned, a number of movements emphasising body positivity have gained traction over the years which makes us want to believe that the regime of Fair and Lovely is long over. However, with the best botox injections selling like hot pancakes all over the world, and one of the comparatively more searched things on the internet being botox in Boca Raton and other places, we have to accept the sad truth that the perspective of people hasn’t changed as much as we would have liked it to.

There are two things we can do, now that we know that the scenarios hasn’t changed much. One is to keep ranting while leaving things be, or to do something about it, and actually change it.

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