Make Up: An Essential Need

Why do you need make up? Why do women wear makeup all the time? It is time to put an end to these questions. There are many women, and even men who apply make up for hours before going out somewhere, and they should be proud of that. There are people who spend time on useless things, whereas makeup is an art. Most people think that we do makeup to look prettier, but that is not always the case. Although, not denying the fact that it is one of the major reasons, but there are other important reasons too for applying makeup. We are going to learn some of the basic reasons why makeup is not a want now, it is a need.

Why is make up important?

  1. Confidence booster- Makeup can boost up your confidence if you are running low on it. It is way to express yourself, and tell everyone who you are with full confidence. It is all about ‘pulling it off’. If you can pull off a beautiful make up successfully, then you are on the right track, queen! It has been proven that make up can boost your confidence up and it is a cure for depression too.
  2. Protects you from sunlight- Makeup can protect you from sunlight and UV rays. You can use a sunscreen with SPF and you are all set to beat the harmful rays of sunlight that can damage your skin.
  3. It is a work of art- Makeup is a form of artistic expression. Putting on the right amount of makeup with perfect skills is no less than art. It is all about working up your imagination, and applying the makeup in the same way as you have imagined. To apply eyelash extension from mink lashes is artistically pleasing to apply and to look as well.
  4. Correct your flaws- We all have flaws, and it is completely normal to be afraid to show those in public. When you have the option to hide it with makeup, then why not? From dark circles to blemishes, these are things that we don’t have any control on, but if we can fix those by applying makeup then Voila!
  5. Looks matter- In this modern world, if you ask does look matter? The answer is yes, it does. When you are going to meet your client or your boss, or your partner or friends, you need to look good. As we all know, people judge a lot by your looks. So, you must be at your best when it comes to appearance as it is way of stating who you are with an attitude.

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