Medical Reasons Why You May Choose To Use A Surrogate

Lots of couples would love to have children, but are unable to do so for a number of reasons. Most often, this is a medical issue where either the male is unable to produce the requisite sperm necessary or the woman has an issue in producing eggs or being able to bring the baby to full term.

The generalities are well-known but there are some specific reasons why a couple may want to look at the options for surrogacy Ukraine, the United States, and other countries offer. Here are some of them.

Infertility – this is the number one concern and cause related to couples turning to using a surrogate. If a couple is finding that after 12 months or more of having unprotected sex that they are unable to have a child, it may be related to infertility.

Issues Related to the Uterus – this is not commonly discussed, but many women are born without a functioning uterus. What this means is that the uterine lining and the uterus itself do not function as normal, making the implanting of a baby impossible. Add to it that some women are forced have a hysterectomy early on in this makes it impossible for her to have a baby.

Scarring of the Uterus – the scarring of the uterus, whether it is from some form of surgery, fibroids, or some other scarring issue, can make it impossible for embryo to implant itself in the lining. Even with treatment it can still make the odds for success minimal.

Medical Conditions – there are many instances where a woman is facing other forms of medical conditions that make it impossible for her to get pregnant. Such problems as heart disease, high blood pressure, or other issues that would make it impossible for her to hold the baby to full term make it necessary to look at surrogates as an option.

Past Pregnancies – if a woman has had a number of failed pregnancies before, including miscarriages, this can have a significant effect on her ability to get pregnant and keep the baby to full term. She may find that the only option available to her is to choose a surrogate.

While this is not a comprehensive list by any stretch of the imagination, it is a list of the most common issues related to an inability for a woman to have a baby.

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