Most Dangerous Places To Camp

Many are dissolved in a monotonous urban life, where you are compelled to sit behind a desk and stare at the monitor and files all day along. Further, with so much sophistication and technology, homes also do not provide you with much to do. Therefore, for many camping proves to be the escape route out of the cities into the wild, doing some crazy activities like hunting, biking, hiking, fishing, and more. However, for many daredevils these activities are boring and they switch to things like scaling cliffs or pitching a canopy tent – head over to – at heights above 1500ft. Here is the list of such dangerous camping places in the world.

Santa Maria Volcano, Guatemala, Mexico

What is more thrilling than camping at the base of an active volcano? Santa Maria Volcano is one of the most active volcanoes, often skewing of smoke and dust into the atmosphere. It is responsible for the third largest eruption in the past two hundred years, occurring in the year of 1902. If you feel this is not exhilarating, consider camping on the volcano itself, not many dares to do it.

Amazon Rainforest, South America

Rainforests are generally, home to a multitude of species, especially reptiles and insects. Amazon rainforest shelters many deadly disease-causing insects responsible for dengue, malaria, etc. Further, even a single shot of venom into your body by Amazon’s poisonous snakes and the spider can kill you within minutes. Hence, it is one of the riskiest places to go camping.

Sahara Desert, Africa

The largest desert in the world offers bewitching campsites for thrill seekers. Despite the fact that many companies provide luxurious camping facilities in the desert, touring the Saharan desert alone is a matter of life and death. The major things to be aware while camping in this region is the dehydration and heat exhaustion. Further, you must be wary of the venomous snakes and scorpion stings.


Antarctica is the world’s last remaining expanses still not seized by the tourist industry and it is the last place on earth where you would find even a hint of luxury. However, it allows cruise passengers on some liners to camp for a night in this freezing place.

Monte Piana, Alps, Italy

The Highline meeting on Monte Piana is either the most chilled out or the most terrifying festival you have ever seen. Here, the attendees or the so-called slackers, balance themselves on slack lines over the Alps. Doesn’t it feel thrilling?

Seeking thrill is absolutely fine and necessary in human life. However, before setting out to do such activities, make sure you have taken every safety precaution possible.

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