Pearls Necklaces; Symbolism Common Myths And Their Meaning

This ancient gemstone of the sea is surrounded by many folktales and myths, it’s worn by many for various reasons in different seasons and it has various symbolism to various ethnic groups around the world. Get it from verified sellers only such as


Common myths surrounding pearls include the following

  • Black pearls as considered by the early Chinese people was a symbol of wisdom and they believed it was formed in a dragon’s head. They believed the pearls would come out of the dragon’s teeth when they are fully grown meaning for you to gather these pearls you would have to slay the dragon.
  • The Japanese on the other hand believed that pearls were made from the tears of ancient creatures like mermaid, angels and nymphs.
  • The old Egyptians believed pearls were symbolical of wealth and they place so much value on these pearls they were buried alongside whatever pearl they had owned during their lifetime.
  • The Persians believe that pearls were formed when the earth collided with a rainbow after a heavy storm, they thought the varying colors in a pearl’s appearance were due to the thunder and lightning that had been part of the storm
  • The Christians and Hindus believed the pearls were a symbol of purity hence the reason why the bride would usually wear pearls on her wedding.
  • The Koran speaks of pearls as a gem stone symbolic of perfection often a reward for Muslims in paradise.


  • White Pearls are symbolic of innocence, purity and new beginnings
  • Pink Pearls are symbolic of fames, gold, fortune
  • Black Pearls are symbolic of prosperity and riches
  • Blue Pearls are symbolic of a person in dire need of love
  • Brown Pearls are symbolic of Masculinity and dependability.
  • Purple pearls are symbolic of wisdom, nobility and passion
  • Green Pearls are symbolic of balance, hope, nature renewal and growth
  • Yellow Pearls are symbolic of happiness, creative ability, optimism and clarity
  • Chocolate Pearls are symbolic of rich and a luxurious life, harmony, healing and comfort.
  • Lavender Pearls are symbolic of dignity, sometimes royalty and sophistication
  • Multi-color Pearls are symbolic of the colors they contain.

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