Solo Ads Or So-low Ads?

For how many of you is checking your mail, a part of your daily routine? And how many of you have noticed the alarming number of ads that are popping up in your mailbox by the day?

Solo ads (or solo advertisements) are those advertisements that are promoted, by renting a list of mailees from a solo ad vendor and sending mails to the IDs on the list to promote a particular product. Though it sounds very complicated, the principle is very simple, elucidated in the following example.

Say you visited a website the potential solo ad seller owns (could be anything from an author’s page to a website that gave you some information on various courses available out there). If you like what you read, then you are bound to subscribe to what the author has to add or anything related to the subject you stumbled upon or were researching on, which means the website owner now has your email ID. When he/ she has enough number of email IDs, he/ she can sell them to someone who’s looking to sell related products and is trying to find customers for his product. The industry is one that is thriving, no doubt about that.

Though these ads are very advantageous to the seller, it is annoying to those of us who have to mark these boxes as read or throw them in the trash without even clicking on them. It has come to such a stage that our inboxes are filled more with these mails than the ones we are actually looking out for, example professional ones.

Also, it is important to consider other aspects when it comes to solo ads. Some mails that are suspicious, containing malware, more often than not, come disguised as mails. And as aware users of the internet, it is necessary for us to know the harm that can be caused to our hardware with one click on a bad link.

Thus, it is necessary that we do not subscribe to every other website that we visit, which interests us, for it is our mailbox that is going to be harder to manage, at the end of the day. But this, in no way means that all solo ads should be looked down upon, for you could end up stumbling on something you didn’t even know existed but need, for comfort.

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