Strategic Steps By Youtube To Successfully Expand Its Consumer Base

We are all familiar with YouTube since our childhood days growing up. Back then, YouTube had limited content specifically designed and catering to a certain audience and not probably in the scope of young children or young adults too, in fact. It used to be more academic and monotonous and the number of websites on the internet were limited to a certain point. Now, millions of websites and blogs are being generated on the Internet and there is a fierce level of competition among several online portals for visits from potential consumers of brand products and acquisitioning those consumers and catering to their individual needs. Several techniques of digitization have been applied such as digital marketing on social media platforms like Facebook, Quora, Instagram among others. The term SEO (short for Search Engine Optimization) has come into play and taken a central role in making your website containing your branded products or your blog posts containing your works and achievements come on top on the Google Search results page. The top diagonal rule already states that 85% of the digital consumers check the search results in the top diagonal of the search results page and usually find what they are looking for and do not browse through the rest, which are the billions of junk, unused data that get generated every day.

With the advent of Internet and its rapid commercialization as well as digitalization of various Commercial platforms via e-Commerce, online Banking and online Channels and Live TV offered by several channels which can be either free or at a minimal monthly cost, we can successfully conclude that a digital world is the future indeed.

Today, many of the members of the next generation are opting for digital platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime TV or Hotstar subscriptions to get their dose of entertainment at a certain cost owing to the hustle and bustle of their busy life. People are travelling on buses, local and metro trains and other platforms and watching short series or movies acts as a good pastime for them.

YouTube is not lagging far behind others. It is not simply a subsidiary introduced by Google, today it is a parent company to YouTube TV streaming more than 500 adult-themed and kid-based shows. The latest addition to the list of products is the newly introduced YouTube Premium with brand new shows by independent filmmakers and producers. Online streaming of shows has also provided secure job to many actors and actresses who usually work in small-budget movies and parallel films.

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