The 2 Best Cordless Commercial Vacuums That You Can Buy Today

Vacuums have been around for over 150 years now. They originated in the 19th Century as hand-operated contraptions that would suck out farm dust. Since then, it has evolved into a completely modern and powerful device that is extremely useful in both an industrial and domestic setting.

As far as commercial vacuums are concerned, there are three main types – the upright commercial vacuums which have their nozzles at the base of the device, the canister commercial vacuums which have the motor, pump, and bag in a canister while the nozzle is attached to the end of a long tube that comes out of the canister, and the backpack type commercial vacuum which has the motor, pump, and the bag in a cylinder that can be work on one’s back and carried around, while the nozzle is attached to the end of a long tube similar to a canister commercial vacuum.

One thing that has been a common feature of commercial vacuums (best commercial vacuum) through the ages is the long cords that are needed to power the device. However, the latest innovations in rechargeable battery technology have now allowed us to finally get rid of these cords and go for a cordless commercial vacuum. Let us now take a look at the 2 best cordless commercial vacuums available today.

Bosch BCH6PETGB Athlet:

The Bosch Athlet is an excellent cordless commercial vacuum that has one of the longest continuous runtimes among cordless vacuum. It comes with a 25V Li-ion battery that takes 6 hours to charge completely and can then run non-stop for 1 hour. It is an upright commercial vacuum and is hence extremely powerful. It also comes with an excellent HEPA filter built-in. This HEPA filter helps remove allergens and asthma-inducing agents from the air and makes it safe for breathing. It is very comfortable to use, however, just like any other upright commercial vacuum, it is extremely difficult to clean narrow spaces using this device.

Gtech Air Ram MK2:

The Gtech Air Ram MK2 is next only to the Athlet in terms of battery backup. It gives us a continuous runtime of over 40 minutes on full charge. It is also extremely lightweight and has a significant advantage in that it is bag less. There is a separate dust-collection chamber inside and a special mechanism allows us to clean the chamber in just a couple of minutes. The manufacturer has also provided a USB port to connect the device to a computer and study things such as power consumed, hours of operation, and other such important statistics.

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