The Disadvantage Of Owning An Electric Car

Soaring in the automobile industry the market of electric cars is increasing day by day. Like every other product electric cars to have pros and cons. Electric cars have several disadvantages. Here are some disadvantages that you should be familiar before buying an electric car.

Difficult to find a charging station

Electric cars require regular charging. The number of charging station is very low. According to statistics from different surveys, the number of station available can serve only 50% electric cars. The battery of these cars is charged in charging station which takes almost 4 hours for a full charge. You can get stranded anywhere if the battery is low and can’t find the nearest charging station.

Limited choices

Electric cars are new to the market and these cars are made by a few automobile companies. These cars are generally small so that it will consume less energy. Traditional fuel cars have more choice option than electric. Automobile companies are working constantly to create new models with improved technology. Electric car guide helps you in selecting the best car in limited choice.

Is it ‘clean and green’?

No. it is not 100% clean and green. Though, it is less harmful to the environment as it does not emit any harmful gases. These cars have batteries which are not eco-friendly. The batteries require electricity for charging which is generated by renewable sources. The lithium batteries are not biodegradable. These batteries need to be changed time to time which leads to stacking up of toxic batteries in the environment. The batteries create toxic fumes which are unhealthy for our environment.

Less powerful than fuel cars

Electric cars are less powerful than traditional fuel cars. The electric car can go up to 50-100 miles after charging. You can’t plan a long journey, especially in hilly areas. An electric car cannot take up too much speed like traditional cars. These cars aren’t suitable for a long journey. The maximum range of electric is 100 miles on a single charge.


The batteries of the car need to be changed in 3-4 years. The battery is made of rare elements like terbium, lanthanum, dysprosium, lithium, and cobalt. These rare metals are costly which makes the processed product quite expensive. It increases the maintenance cost of your car. Electric car guide can help you to understand the reason behind different prices of the electric car.

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