Top 3 Applications Of A Remote Controlled Crawler

Gone are the days when kids were limited to games like ‘I called it. Even board games have become a bit mainstream. Toy makers have to come up with some kind of ‘adventure sport’ the kids could daydream about. This is a perfect situation for interventions like RC Cars to come up and throw their weight around. Some of these cars would put the ones that appear in old Bond movies to shame. Names like ‘Crawler’ are usually associated with Spiderman and other creepy superheroes from Marvel. However, there are also those toys which clean up the shoddy image built by rich comic houses over the years. Check out the following page to see what I’m talking about:

Remote Controlled Rock Crawlers are ruling the roost in the fray of RC Cars.

The use cases of RC Rock crawlers are limited only by your imagination. Some skeptics might say it is merely a child’s toy. Thanks to Hollywood, we know what is a toy in one’s hand might be a weapon in another. Plenty of movies including Bad Boys II and Home Alone 3 have proved time and again that RC toys can be exploited for their versatility. Here are some applications:

1-Spy cam in a remote location

Defenses of countries have to be proactive at many times. To ensure that happens, spy cams come in handy. This, mounted on an RC Rock Crawler can prove most useful, sometimes even lethal. These could send feedback to the base or the safehouse to let the folks at the military or the airforce know that their nation is safe.

2-Carrying sensitive material to a destination

Let us say a person has to carry a sensitive Hard Disk or Compact Disc containing sensitive data through a sensitive area like a border between two countries when the conditions are tense. RC Crawlers provide help being a shield between the borders of countries which might flare up on the slightest excuse.

3-Office Wagon

There might be occasions in the office where folks are busy or folks are partying. Either way, you could make even something like a circular or announcement a fun activity with a video to go along with it. You could play music and pass it all along the corridor to set the mood for a party.

Taking a look at some on the unconventional applications, we can come to the conclusion that there might be a lot more than crawling that can be done by this RC vehicle. One just has to apply one’s mind.

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