Videographer By Profession: My Life

Videos are definitely a memory. In my school days we had a lot of memories but as there were no facilities to capture those, and so I could only do is to recollect those memories by imagining them. But when I started studying in college, the concept of Videography came into the picture. A person who works in the field of videography is called a Videographer. There was good growth in technology at that point of time and so the mobile phone, the DSLR camera, and the video cameras were the new products which were sold in the market.

With the help of these digital devices, one could capture and view these images. So I started capturing the key moments and it became a good memory. The Facebook, Instagram and other social media started to come into the picture and for the sake of getting more likes, my friends would take different kinds of pictures with different poses and would post it on the social media platforms. This started becoming a trend, and I would wonder why one should do all these sorts of things just for the sake of like. But later on, I came to understand that the pictures which we put on the social media platform, is also a memory. When viewed later on like after one year or so one would be amazed to see those photographs. As the days pass by, one’s face starts to show some sort of changes with respect to look, style, etc. So it would be great if one could be able to capture those moments and view it at some point in time. The photos and the videos are a great means of doing all these kinds of things. I remember the times when my friend Aravind brought a digital camera that he had purchased to school and everyone in the school were amazed to see their own face in it after taking a photo. My friend Aravind was very keen on all these videography and so he was the one who would edit photos and beautify the quality of the images for everyone. As the days passed his interest in photography improved a lot and he started to capture a lot of images, videos and choose videography as his profession. Nowadays he is taking a lot of candid photos and uploading it on the website and earning money through it. The term candid is the process of taking natural, and unposed photographs. There are many people who have an interest in taking photos and videos and do this also as a hobby 

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