What Music Means To The Present Generation

Music is a part and parcel of life, and more than that, it is a way of living life for an individual of the present generation. In today’s generation, where a major chunk of the population lives distressed with depression, anxiety, irregular sleep patterns and what not, music acts as a much-needed relief, acting as a soothing balm for their young, troubled minds.

Be it while travelling, going to college, coming back home, shopping, eating out with friends at posh restaurants and spending happy nights and happy times at bars- there is one thing that you will find common in all the places, and that inevitably happens to be music.

Bollywood has always been known for its music- there are a significant number of established as well as upcoming, budding musicians who belong to different genres and produce a wide variety of music- singles and albums pertaining to different genres. Bollywood music has fascinated many- Westerners, including several popular Hollywood celebrities have expressed their affinity for the same. Bollywood music is something that truly is fascinating for them- when it comes to covering multiple different genres it is indeed diversified.

There are certain new-age movies being made in Bollywood that were certainly not being made in the last decade, or even when we look back 10 to 5 years back in time. The music that is being made pertaining to these movies are also new-age in terms of the audio and the feel that they give. New technologies are available in the industry now as well, which make recording process easier and also are able to do voice modulation for the singer and make the output produced much more feasible at the commercial level. No wonder we see many actors in Bollywood donning the cap of singer as well and they become overnight sensations in the field of singing as well in most of the cases. They often go abroad and many record in cheap recording studios in los angeles among other studios in the US.

The overall pace and working condition has seen significant improvement when it comes to production of new music. There are new mediums when it comes to entertainment as well- you got Netflix, Zee Studio and even as recent as YouTube and Zomato opening up premium channels for viewership and consumption of new web series and original works- this is the ideal time for new age actors, directors and musicians. It is a great time for new music indeed!

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