Why A User Interface Is Designed From The End-User’s Standpoint

When you walk into a bank or any other place where customer service is supposedly at the top of their list, you will find notices that say: the customer is king! In the case of app and software designers or coders, as they are commonly called – the end-user is king. In short, it is the perspective or viewpoint of the user that ultimately defines how a user interface is designed – read more here. You could check out any company that is in the business of developing various software applications for different kinds of users. Understanding the nature and habits of users is the key to developing the right kind of interfaces.

Does Psychology Play A Role Here?

That is a very easy question to answer – you could just say, yes and move on; but the point is how does this happen? Let us take an example to understand this better. Let us imagine that you are trying to help an app developer understand your requirements for making an app for the purchase of lingerie.  You would have to be very clear about a couple of elements, such as age, physical attributes, styles etc. Where would psychology come in? It would be very important for the designer to understand how users’ minds work when presented with specific kinds of lingerie. Are they going to be tempted to buy or would they just flick to the next page, where they find products that are more to their liking? The mind works in curious ways; it is vital that an app designer understands the mindset of the ultimate user, really well.

Market Trends Influence Choices

The market consists of users and users make the trends – it is a kind of cycle that keeps going on and on. It really does not end. So, when you say that a user’s choice would depend on the trend; it is another way of saying that when many users choose a particular product or service, they create a trend. The designing of a good interface will certainly take this into consideration. Market trends and user choices would clearly define how the interface should really work.

It is not obvious that the user’s standpoint or perspective is of paramount importance while designing any kind of interface – this could be on mobile phones or personal computers or any other kind of device. It is a field of software application that has wide-ranging potential for growth.

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