Red Light Therapy For weight loss, Frozen Shoulder and Wound Healing

Before we venture into the in-depth analysis of these three red light therapy remedies it is sensible to list some of the health and skin benefits. This could help you understand that despite the technology being new, it could be put to multivariate uses. Red light therapy at homecould

  • Promote hair growth and provide the solution to androgenic alopecia disease.
  • Provide remedy to carpal tunnel syndrome which is a rare condition to treat
  • Provides treatment for diabetic. Actually red light therapy could stimulate wound healing and expedite healing to diabetic patients
  • Inhibit Psoriasis- a condition that could damage your skin.
  • Improves the complexity of your skin
  • Help to remedy pain such as chest pain and in joint pain
  • Do away with scars

However there are certain condition and diseases that could be cured by red light therapy but there are no researches to prove it .And don’t trust any information on the net that red light therapy is cure to cancer and depression. 

How Red Light Therapy Promotes Weight Loss.

With the urge for dozens of people to lose weight and be in the perfect ABC shape with six packs, you could turn to red light therapy to lose weight. But understand that these will take some time. First red light therapy increases the amount of energy produced by the mitochondria.

Furthermore it increases the rate at which these mitochondria circulate in the body. Mitochondria aid to convert the glucose in the body into ATP energy required for the multiple body function.  Furthermore these ATP could aid to break the fatty acids into glycerol plus energy. And in the layman’s language the latter biological process could

  • Break down complex glucose into simpler fructose in that could be absorbed in the body cells
  • Revitalise the removal of body waste products
  • Provide more energy in form of ATP adenosine trisphosphate that could convert fats to other compounds.
  • However the use of red light therapy at home should be infused with the regular exercises.

Red Light Therapy Accelerating Wound Healing.

There are many studies that have confirmed that red light therapy is a solution for wound healing. However these could take time and furthermore there are research to show if red light therapy could cure cancer. Red light therapy causes

  • The decrease in the number of inflammatory cells
  • An increased rate in the building of new blood vessels
  • Increase blood flow

All these process promotes wound healing with no pain.

Red Light Therapy For Frozen Shoulder.

Frozen shoulder could be hurting but red light therapy at home may be that you need to do away with the pain. Red light therapy reduces adhesive capsulitis which just means frozen shoulder pain.

First the penetration of the wavelength could promote blood flow and increase the joints mobility. There are numerous researches ongoing to find out how effective red light therapy at home could treat frozen shoulders.

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