2 Ways To Generate Leads When You Are New To The Wedding Photography Business

If you are just starting out, getting leads can be hard in any business. This is definitely the case in the Wedding Photography business as well. When you’re just starting out, you have nothing to show other than your potential. This makes couples wary, especially considering that it will be their big day and would not want its memories poorly captured. This makes them go for someone with experience, thus keeping you from getting that much-needed experience. Let us now take a look at 2 ways in which you can generate leads if when you are new to the Wedding Photography business.

Offer Your Service for Free:

No, we are not kidding. This is the actually the best way to gain experience as well as get started in the industry. Talk to your friends and family and let them know that you are open to handling the photography at their wedding as their wedding gift – Los Angeles wedding photographer prices. This will please most of them and since they will already know about your photography skills and have confidence in you, they will give you the opportunity that you desperately need. Once you do a good job at these initial few free weddings, you will have a good portfolio that can get you started. Moreover, the free photos that you took for friends and family will carry your watermark and act as free advertisements to your service on social media.

Partner With Wedding Dress Stores:

Most brides pick out their Wedding dresses before they do any other work for the wedding. This means that you can potentially reach out to prospective customers by partnering up with Wedding dress stores. There are several things you can do to lure in clients this way. You can offer a discount on your services to couples who have purchased their wedding dress from that particular store and also ask them to offer a small discount on the dress if they choose you as their wedding photographer. This can work to the benefit of the couple, who will be happy to get a discount on the dress as well as your services and more importantly get you new business. You could also offer to photograph brides-to-be as they try out different dresses. This will showcase your skills to them as they can see how beautiful you can make them look in their gorgeous wedding dress with your photography skills. Once you have them impressed, you can be sure to hear back from them.

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