Get To Know About The Grading System In US Colleges

If you want to ensure that you are fully prepped before you enter a college in the US, it would be a good idea for you to have a good level of clarity on how you are going to be assessed and evaluated. In short, you need to have a clear idea about the grading system that is followed. You must remember that this system is by and large the same in most colleges; however, there will be a few subtle differences depending on the college and the course that you have signed up for. There are some colleges that allot a certain amount of marks or grades to the practical tasks that are completed. Some concentrate more on assignments. In some places, they have a blend of both. It is therefore important for you as a freshman to know what to expect where the grading is concerned.

What Kind Of Assessments Can You Expect?

Every college ( in the US follows a strict assessment protocol. This would consist of various kinds of tasks, assignments, projects, and coursework that have to be completed within a fixed period. For instance, if you are a freshman, you could be asked to complete four papers in one semester, followed by a research project. The grades that are awarded for each of these different kinds of assessment will be presented in a clear and understandable format to each student at the beginning of the year. This enables the student to understand the range of assessments that are likely to come up, the marks awarded for each and also the combination of papers and assignments he needs to take to qualify for course completion.

What About The Final Exam?

Many colleges don’t have a final exam as such. Instead, there is a consolidation of all the marks that a student has got over a semester or rather over the entire period of his course that lead to a final score. It would be good to understand this assessment method or system before you enrol in the college. A number of students miss out on getting a good final score because they have not done all the assignments or research projects that they are supposed to complete

Studying in a US college is certainly a good experience; however, if you want to make it worthwhile, it would be good for you to get complete details about assignments and projects that contribute to your final score.

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