Interesting Facts On The Internet

One can’t imagine a life without the internet in the current world mainly due to its one point source of informative materials, social media sites and also day to day instant communication as well as ticketing, shopping, Banking, entertainment and many more.

Now let us see some of the Amazing and interesting facts about internet:

  1. Sources confirm a usage of 4.39 billion internet users in the year 2019.This unimaginably comprises of more than 56 percent of the world’s population wherein China, India and the US rank ahead of all other countries. !!
  2. Internet has become an addiction and one day without it turns the world upside down for users and business. Such is the extent of addiction, that in china treatment camps are conducted for age groups 15 to 35 for the internet addicts who have lost the self control and may be suffering from something called the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Isn’t that pathetic.!!
  3. Cybercriminals make use of high computer software programs to hack websites and its believed that more than 30,000 websites are hacked on a daily basis.
  4. Its believed that over 294 billion emails are sent per day and the same is rising daily.
  5. Today the speed offered for the internet is at an average speed of 67.46 Mbps and is provided by Jersey which is Europe’s fastest jurisdiction.
  6. When an internet route becomes too full it results in a network congestion and surprisingly the maximum congestion is caused by web robots or bots where as humans create only 48.2 percent of the traffic.
  7. Surfing or browsing are the terminologies commonly used to go through the net or find some data or information from the net.
  8. There is a common misconception that internet and World Wide Web are the same but it is not so. Internet is a network of computers where as WWW is bridge to access and share info.
  9. It may be surprising to know that Amazon is one of the top leading revenue earning web sites followed by Google. Sounds funny but dating sites are also one of the huge revenue earning sites on the internet.!!
  10. Do you know that there are terminologies like surface web, Deep web and dark web in the internet? The questions we try to get an answer to are just like a drop in the ocean and are referred to as surface web. We will need something called the Tor ie The onion router to access the deep web. Academic info, Medical records, legal documents, scientific documents government resources and many more form the part of the deep web. And lastly is the dark web which comprises of illegal info, drug trafficking sites, private communications, TOR encrypted sites and political protests. Interesting isn’t is?

admin login is a wireless router IP address for some network routers.

It may be noted and is surprising enough to know that where on one side we have china setting treatment camps for internet addicts, on the other hand we have 9 million adult Britain’s and one third of the Italians  who have never used internet.!!

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