WWE: The Classification Of The Superstars

The World Wrestling Entertainment (formerly World Wrestling Federation) was started by one man by the name of Vince McMahon. The company has employed thousands of male and hundreds of female “superstars” on its way of becoming the largest wrestling promotion in the world. Currently, over an approximate amount of 140 male wrestlers and around 50 women wrestlers are employed across the WWE in various factions. Naturally, there are differences in most of them to keep the entertainment factor alive and to scrape out redundancy. Let us see some of the types of these entertainers:


They are by far my favorite type of wrestlers. High octane action coupled with the traditional David against the Goliath stereotype. The highflying class usually consists of relatively shorter but flexible wrestlers who continuously bounce across the squared circle while launching attacks on their opposition. Luchadores are a common kind of highflying superstars with the addition of masks inducing a mystery about the said Luchador. Examples of highflying wrestlers would include Rey Mysterio (superstarcutouts.com), the late Eddie Guerrero, Sin Cara etc.


These are the huge, muscle bound Goliaths who can wreck their way through anybody who has the bad luck to step into their path. It is widely rumored that Vince has a huge liking for such strongmen; due to which one usually sees the championships in their hands. The well-known ones would be Batista, Brock Lesner and most recently Braun Strowman.


Technicians are usually the all-round type and the common class across WWE. Equally adept at using the highflying techniques and power when necessary, technicians are well equipped to fight all kind of wrestlers. They use every form of move that people are familiar with and are well received by the audience. The most loved technicians in the current scenario would be AJ Styles, Seth Rollins and formerly Edge.

The Showman

Darkness engulfs the arena and the bell tolls. There is a casket at the entrance to the ring as Randy Orton watches it with a mixture of horror and morbid curiosity. Lightning strikes the casket and The Undertaker emerges from it; thought to be dead for many days. The audience erupts and there are more goosebumps in the arena than the entire human population. Such is the power of the showman. You can always count on them to provide you with a spectacle whenever they are on show. Examples include The Undertaker, Kane, Shawn Michaels (dubbed as the Heart-Break Kid because of his insane charisma).

Submission specialists

These are the type of wrestlers who focus on submissions rather than pin falls to win matches. They would either constantly attack a specific part of the body to weaken it and then apply the submission to make the opponent tap out. Daniel Bryan, Rusev and Alberto Del Rio are prime examples of these

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