Kim’s Videos: What Makes Them Special

The Australian blogger, vlogger, and youtube, Kim Dao, has approximately a hundred thousand followers on Youtube. The youtuber, adept at making vlogs and crafting makeup tutorials, has been more active on youtube than on writing her blog of late.

Her videos falling into 7 broad categories (namely Uploads, Japan Videos, Vlogmas 2017, KimDao in Japan, KimDao in Korea, KimDao Travels, KimDao in Australia), are a mixed variety of her experiences at various places. With no hesitation whatsoever or a filter on what she’s saying, the Tokyo resident is extremely open about her thoughts on what she experiences.

Her English, though accented is easily understandable without captions, and is lucid enough for all watchers to make sense of. With her vlogs mostly shot from the angle of selfies (as is usual), she cheerfully prattles on about whatever goes on around her making sure we don’t zone out at any point in time. With her running commentary on every tiny thing that happens to her, or she happens to chance upon, every video of hers is different and gives us a unique glimpse into the way Kim perceives things. She talks about everyday occurrences (that have an equal chance of happening in your life and mine) and finds quirks in them. That is one thing which makes us watchers connect with her, even more.

Apart from the vlogs, she also reviews makeup products and gives tips on how to maintain your skin health. These videos, are shot from a camera angle (and are edited with a background music), making sure that the watchers don’t get bored at any point. With step by step instructions on how to go about using various products in the market, for skincare, Kim brings those of us who are not familiar with cosmetics, a step closer to them. She also talks about the various products she has used over time and gives us pointers and leads to the best products out there.

For those of us who do not get to splurge and go touring that often, vlogs, in general, are a good way to see the world through a new looking glass, and Kim’s vlogs and videos are no exception to that generalization. With a penchant for looking at the world through eyes new, this lady’s youtube channel is one you should definitely subscribe if you are into touring, cosmetics or if you’re someone who is interested in looking at the world at an angle different from the norm.

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